Оркестр українських народних інструментів МХТ УРСР - Українські пісні та мелодії (1971р.)

Оркестр українських народних інструментів МХТ УРСР - Українські пісні та мелодії
Оркестр українських народних інструментів МХТ УРСР - Українські пісні та мелодії

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Оркестр українських народних інструментів МХТ УРСР - Українські пісні та мелодії

Художній керівник - Яків Орлов

The Orchestra of Ukrainian folk instruments, foremostly, includes such instruments that are adherent to the traditions of Ukrainian folk musical culture and are, in the peculiarities of their timbres and colouristic effects, in keeping with folkloristic music. In other words the Orchestra compromises instruments of the old Ukrainian ensemble that basically consists of three groups of instruments: the strings — violin, double bass and cymbals; the winds — soppel, a wooden flute; the percussions — tambourine. But the Orchestra calls for a much larger staff of instrument» and therefore the string group here is represented by a quintet of bow instruments, the winds by a family of wooden flutes and the percussions by two concert tambourines. The Orchestra also includes a group of banduras because no Ukrainian folk orchestra is possible without this unique instrument that is unusual in form, timbre and sounding.
Such instruments as the flute and clarinet, that are traditionally used in folk instrumental ensembles and instruments, that were used in the past, such as the lyre, surma, fretted kobza, the Cossack trumpet "bugai", berbenitsa and others are also included in the Orchestra's instrumentation.
The establishment of this Orchestra was preceded by tedious creative work and organizational activities for the founders of the Orchestra had not only to collect the necessary instruments but even make some of them. The founders of the Orchestra in their preliminary work drew upon the experience of other folk orchestras already existing in the other republics of the USSR. A special central workshop where different instruments were made was established by the Musico-choral Society. Here qualified instrument-makers and members of the Orchestra worked together, creating anew obsolete instruments.
The Orchestra's repertory embraces Ukrainian folk music, works of Soviet composers, foreign and national classic works, which are in their character suitable for this rather unusual ensemble of instruments.
The first performances of the Orchestra took place during the celebrations marking the centenary of Lenin's birth and were dedicated to this solemn anniversary. The new Orchestra very quickly found its place in the cultural life of the Republic, fully revealing its original style of playing, fine professionalism and broad range of artistic possibilities.
The members of the orchestra are, in the majority, gifted young people, graduates of the Kiev and Lvov Conservatories. They work most enthusiastically under the guidance of the well-known musician Yakov Orlov.
The performances of the Orchestra in which distinguished guest singers Evgeniy Miroshnichenko, Diana Petrinenko, Sergei Kozak, Mikola Fokin and others take part, are very popular with audiences.
P. Ivanov

1. THE WIDE DNIEPER HOWLS AND MOANS (D. Krizhanovsky, arrang. by I. Khutoriansky)
2. DO YOU HEAR, DEAR BROTHER: fantasia for orchestra (V. Polevoy)
4. WHEN LOVERS PART (M. Lyssenko — H. Heine, Ukrainian transl. by Lessia Ukrainka)
5. THE GIRL STOOD ON THE PORCH (folk song, arrang. by S. Kozak).
7. ENDLESS GAME (I. Ivashchenko, on the motifs of folk musical games)
8. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LOVE AN UNLOVABLE LAD, MAMMY (Ukrainian folk song — E. Grebinka)
9. I'LL GO STROLLING MID THE HILLS (A. Kos-Anatolsky — folklore text).
10. GOPAK (K. Miaskov)
M. Popilevich (2), G. Agratina (cymbals) (3), M. Fokin and S. Kozak (4, 5), A. Posiada (violin) (7)
E. Veseliy (violin), D. Kuliechov (cymbals), I. Nikolaichuk (tambourine) (8), E. Miroshnichenko (9, 10)


01. Реве та стогне Дніпр широкий
02. Чуєш, брате мій (спів - М.Попілевич)
03. Концертна фантазія для цимбал та оркестру (цимбали - Г.Агратіна)
04. Коли розлучаються двоє (соло - М.Фокін, С.Козак)
05. Дівка в сінях стояла (соло - М.Фокін, С.Козак)
06. Богдан Хмельницький
07. Гуцульські мелодії (скрипка - А.Посяда)
08. Нескінченна гра (Е.Веселий (скрипка), Д.Кулєшов (цимбали), І.Ніколайчук (бубен))
09. Ні, мамо, не можна нелюба любить (соло - Є.Мірошниченко)
10. Ой, піду я межи гори (соло - Є.Мірошниченко)
11. Гопак